Hiring the Right Wedding Musicians

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Hiring the right musicians

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Hiring the Right Wedding Musicians

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Thinking of hiring a musician or band for a wedding? This has become a very vital important part of the big celebration. The wedding entertainers can make or break the mood of the wedding, so it's a decision to made wisely.

Best Wedding Music Ideas

Before looking for your caterer: know what your budget is, how many guests you’d like to invite, and what your overall vision is for the meal. This will save you and the caterers you interview a lot of time.

Marriage Ceremony Music Essentials

Some of the most important wedding planning decisions have to do with music. What is the secret to hiring the right wedding musicians? When should they play? What kind of music do you need? Are you still not sure what kind of music you need? We have all the information to help you make all these decisions.

Prelude Music

Prelude music starts at least 10 minutes before the wedding ceremony begins. This music accompanies guests as they walk into the venue and take their seats.

Brides generally go for classical music. You can ask your musicians to play a specific request.

Ask your wedding performers how early they typically start playing prelude music before a wedding. They might begin earlier or later. It depends on the situation.

Out-of-town guests will probably be there much earlier. If you have a destination wedding, guests will probably get there early.

But if your guests mostly live in the same locale, they will probably get there less than 10 minutes earlier.

If you suspect you might need live music to start a little earlier, talk to them about it. They have more experience and will help you assess your need for this.

Processional Music

Processional music accompanies the wedding party as they make their entrance. There will be multiple arrivals. You want to play songs that mean something to both of you.

You will need to ask mothers and grandmothers to choose the music they want to accompany their entrance. They will love it when you let them choose the song they arrive at.

You will also need a song for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. You can generate a short list and ask them to choose their favorite. That you make them part of the decision.

Finally, you will need a song for the bride’s entrance.

Additional Music

The unity ceremony and signing of marriage licenses are significant moments that may require musical performances.

Unity ceremonies involve lighting a single candle, pouring two jars of sand in one jar, planting a tree, sharing a wine box, or tying a knot.

All unity ceremonies are unique to each couple. If you plan to have one, you might consider including a song that is important to both of you.

Let the musicians know what the wedding minister will say to usher in the unity ceremony. They will know when to start playing.

The music can play softly in the background.

Recessional Music

Now you are officially married, but our work continues. The wedding party and all the guests need to leave the wedding and celebrate your marriage. Some celebratory music will go well with the moment.

Music and your Wedding Venue


Talk to your wedding venue first before you talk to musicians. You want to come to your meeting prepared.

Some venues have rules about the kind of music that you can play. Talk to your venue event manager about their music rules. Some venues have rules about music.

They might not allow the kind of music you want.

The Venue

Do not hire musicians without first scoping out your venue. If the wedding takes place in a small church, a chamber orchestra will not work. The space will be insufficient. Trumpet ensembles will be too loud.

It costs extra for a pianist to perform outdoors. You may need to pay extra to transport the keyboard.

On the other hand, a restaurant may be too small for a string quartet but large enough for a string duet.

Getting Acoustics Right

Indoors or outdoors? Don’t hire a musician before you are sure that your wedding will be outdoors or indoors.

Guitars, strings, or harps don’t sound loud enough when you are outdoors. You might need more musicians if you are going with string instruments outdoors. A trumpet ensemble might be too loud for a smallish room.

Most churches have good acoustics. So you shouldn’t worry about sound quality in a church or cathedral.

A soloist or a single instrument will do well inside a small indoor venue. Knowing your venue helps in hiring the right wedding musicians.

If you are hiring the right wedding musicians, they will already know about the local venues and how suit different musical acts.

Why Professionals Cost More

Your search will be so much easier when you have a budget. Professional groups charge for custom requests. They also charge for rehearsal time in addition to performance time.

A group will likely cost more if they are:

  • More experienced.
  • Formally trained.
  • Well established.

A manager or contractor to manage bookings will give you a contract that protects you and the performers. You can also have all your questions answered at your convenience.

What to look out for before you Book Musicians

  • The first step in hiring the right wedding musicians is making sure that they sound good. Listen to online recordings. You should be able to find a recording on the internet. If you cannot find anything, don’t work with them.
  • Good event musicians are versatile. A limited range is not a good sign. Usually, wedding musicians can perform classical music, pop, jazz, country, etc.
  • Serious musicians have a booking system that provides professional contracts and invoices. Don’t pay a deposit before you get a contract. Contracts safeguard the group from cancellation losses. It also prevents last-minute disappointments.
  • Look for reviews from past clients. Reviews will let you know how they have performed in previous weddings. Several good reviews are a good sign that they are a good choice for your wedding.
  • Professional musicians take communication seriously. They answer your emails on time. Communication shows professionalism which is just as important as talent. Waiting too long for a response is a red flag. They should not be confused about the details of your wedding. You want people who know their way around weddings. Service providers should reduce your worries, not add to them.

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Your wedding playlist reflects your style. Choosing musical styles should be one of the easy parts of wedding planning.

The musical style will determine how the whole ceremony feels. Music has a tremendous effect on the feelings and emotions of people.

Your musicians should help you select the most elegant music for every part of your wedding.

Are you going for quirky and fun? Go through their arrangements that include songs you love.

Professional musicians are capable of customizing a song you love. You have to pay more for this when hiring the right wedding musicians.

Talk to the group coordinator in case you are undecided. They will give you expert recommendations. Professional event musicians have worked lots of weddings.

When you are hiring the right wedding musicians, they have no problem creating the perfect renditions just for you.

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