How to pick the best Wedding Music for your Ceremony?

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How to pick the perfect wedding music for your big day!

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How to pick the best Wedding Music for your Ceremony?

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The question of how to pick the best wedding music for your nuptials ceremony may not look like a big deal.

But you cannot overlook this important detail because the music sets the whole mood for the wedding. Follow our brief guide to pick the best wedding music for your wedding ceremony.

Your wedding playlist is the soundtrack to the most important day of your life. It is not a minor detail.

Read this before you start to list your favorite songs. We will take you through everything from finding inspiration to making it all work.

It takes more than just creating a playlist on Spotify. But knot to worry. We are about to take you through the whole process.

Go through these questions to figure out how to pick the Best Wedding Music for your Ceremony

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Before looking for your caterer: know what your budget is, how many guests you’d like to invite, and what your overall vision is for the meal. This will save you and the caterers you interview a lot of time.

Do you want a band or a DJ?

Who will implement your playlist? Most couples will go with a wedding band or a DJ. Sometimes they want to go with both. You might have a live band at the ceremony and a DJ at the reception.

The choice between the band, DJ, or both will determine the range of music you can cover and your budget. Most bands have a limited range of songs. Even DJs have their specialties. But a DJ can include any song without spending time learning it.

Who would you rather work with? Is a DJ better than a band? Only you can decide this.

A good band entertains without drawing attention from the bride and groom. You want to know how they handle breaks. You also want to know how well they cover popular songs.

A DJ is more versatile than a band. You can request any song from a DJ. They don’t have to do any practice before they play it.

Bands are more expensive. Nothing beats the energy of a decent live band.

What is your Inspiration?

Find things that inspire you. Inspiration can come from many corners. Watch wedding videos. Think about your favorite books and movies.

Look back at key moments in your relationship. What songs come to mind? You might unearth some unexpected tunes.

The most popular songs will please the crowd. But you also want your playlist to have elements that are unique to you.

What are the Essentials of Wedding Music?

Before you hit Spotify or iTunes, learn about wedding music fundamentals.

First, carefully think about the major songs. These are songs for significant moments like the arrival of guests or the walk down the aisle.

The major songs should match the mood you are looking for. There are certain conventions – like romantic songs for the first dance.

These rules generally work for most weddings. But you can always break the rules if it is more your style.

What are your Big Songs?

Start by listing the songs you must play. Think of moments like cake cutting, first dance, aisle walk, procession, and recession.

Map out your wedding from start to finish.

You have figured out the big songs. Now you only have to fill in the gaps.

Here are some moments you might want to pick songs for:

  • Prelude songs.
  • Processional music for the entrance of the wedding party
  • A bridal march song for the bride’s walk down the aisle.
  • Unity ceremony music
  • Recessional music for the wedding party’s exit.

What is your Wedding Style?

Your wedding style is what your wedding looks and feels like. Everything stays interconnected when you have a decided wedding style.

Vintage-style weddings reminisce on a past era. This era might be the 1940s, for example. In this case, the décor, outfits, makeup, and music will match the 1940s.

Country songs fit perfectly into barn style and rustic weddings.

Can you make a Mix?

Consider putting together a mix of tunes to please both older and younger members of your family. Use this music to usher guests to the next part of your occasion.

Softer music at dinner time will allow guests to eat and talk comfortably. Louder music will usher in some dancing.

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Does it all Feel Interrelated?

You know for sure what songs you want in your wedding playlist. Your playlist should not sound like something just thrown together.

The song progression needs to make sense. A sudden switch will confuse the wedding guests.

Your DJ will take care of this for you.

Have you tested your Songs?

You want to be completely ready on your wedding day. Test out your playlist before the big day to make sure that you pick the best wedding music for your ceremony.

Listen to your playlist from the first tune to the last minute. You can tell if everything makes sense.

As you listen, act out the parts. Practice your walk and your dances. Practice everything that you will do on your wedding day. Each song corresponds to a moment.

See that everything makes sense.

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Are there any Songs you don't want to play?

Finally, let your DJ know about any song you don’t want playing at your wedding. It could be a song that will upset someone.

Leave out any sad song. Don’t include a song with potentially offensive lyrics. Play the radio-friendly version.

Drop any song alludes to infidelity, betrayal, grief, stalking, or unrequited love. Some songs sound beautiful, but they are unsuitable.


Spotify has millions of wedding-friendly songs. So there is no shortage of music to make your day special. The more popular ones like Bruno Mars ‘Marry You’ are popular but safe choices.

Hire a band or a DJ with a good track record with weddings. Your song choices should honor yourselves and your guests. For example, play a song you both love for the first dance. You want to see your whole family on the dance floor. Play songs that they can dance to comfortable.

A good wedding DJ intuitively helps you pick the best wedding music for your ceremony.

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