Open Music Events

hire musicians for wedding events and more
  • We are a group of professional musicians highly trained to deliver the highest caliber of their musicianship!

  • We make it all simple for you so you can simply enjoy the music that adds to your very special day.

1. Contact us

2. Get a quote

3. Meet your Music Coordinator and select your music

As the day of your event draws closer, your local Music Coordinator will reach out to introduce him/herself to you and finalize any last-minute details.

4. Enjoy the success of your amazing event!

If you cancel within 10 days of booking, we will refund 100%. After that, the deposit is not refundable, however, you can use this fund as a deposit.  The reason is because we have started working on your event already by this time. We can provide our service for a private party, corporate event, family wedding, wedding anniversary, romantic dinner, etc.

If the venue requires the musicians to carry liability insurance, an additional $150 will apply. With this fund, we will purchace the policy for the day of the event. Note that in most cases the venue will waive the liability requirement as we do not use any electrical outlet.

Musicians travel costs are included in our price quote. 


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